Holy Ghost feels left out at heaven’s Annual Father-Son Softball Game

Heavenly sources confirm that this year, like every year, The Holy Ghost will sit on the bleachers alone and mope at the Annual Father-Son Softball Game.

“Every year that asshole, St. Peter says ‘c’mon its gonna be fun!’” commented the Sacred Spirit.

Other players became concerned after they saw the Holy Spirit throwing a ball up in the air by himself next to the field, whispering repeatedly, “I am so glad to have a catch with you Dad!”

Lucifer, who also had to sit out of the game because his son Rush Limbaugh has yet to ascend to his Hellish throne, said that he almost considered consoling the Holy Ghost.

“Man you almost feel bad for the guy,” he said. “I mean, I still cry at the end of Field of Dreams. Who doesn’t? But we can’t even stick him in left field, that’s how bad he is.”

At press time, the supreme and omnipotent God wondered quietly to himself how much longer it would be until Jesus found out he was adopted.


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