Middle East peace talks paused for game of Twister®

Yesterday, after three hours of gridlock negotiations concerning the peace process in the Middle East, heads of state involved in the discussion proceeded to play the game known as Twister®.

“Things became very interesting very quickly when the Syrian prime minister began the game by placing his left foot on a green circle,” said one viewer.

Light giggles and squeals of surprise characterized the game that has delighted American consumers since its rise to popularity in the 1960s. The president of Lebanon even described this particular outing as “whimsical” and “spontaneous.” Game play escalated when the president of Afghanistan arrived late to this game of physical skill made by American toy company Milton Bradley.

“[Hamid] Karzai was a game changer,” noted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the Afghani president. “His poise on the mat, as well as his body awareness, was difficult to compete with.”

At the conclusion of the game, it was unclear who achieved victory. The players found themselves in a large pile of laughter and glee looking at one another, half-heartedly attempting to determine who had won.

“I think everyone won,” said an onlooker. “They all just seemed happy to be sharing such a small physical area with one another.”


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