Things we would love our midterm exams to be on instead of the material we haven’t studied whatsoever

1) List the lyrics of three Disney songs and discuss which princess was totally your favorite growing up.

2) Summarize the strategies for beating the original twelve Pokémon gym leaders.

3) Explore the evolution of Goku from his journeys in Dragon Ball up through the Cell Saga.

4) Recount the harrowing tales embarked upon by the main character in two Pixar movies of your choice.

5) Explain your ideal Magic deck. Which decks would it work well against? Which would prove diffcult to beat? How would it handle a three-player match?

6) Describe each dance move in “the electric slide.” You may get up for this if necessary.

7) Critically discuss your favorite procrastination technique. Include pros/cons, breadth/ depth, etc.

8) Write a short essay examining the relationship between Spongebob Squarepants and Squidward Tentacles as it develops throughout the series.


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