Café Mac’s “Pizza Pringles® Pizza” Draws Mixed Reviews

Last Tuesday the Café Mac pizza station cemented their experimental reputation with their latest dish: Pizza Pringles® pizza. In a move equally loathed and loved, the chefs at Café Mac simply threw a ton of Pringles on cheese pizzas fresh from the oven. One chef revealed, “the key is not to add the Pringles until last. If you bake them with the pizza, they blacken and char — not exactly the kind of Pringles you want on your pizza!”

Student reaction to the pizza varied wildly, as half praised the meal and half condemned it. One student, James Inamorato ‘15, loved the “zest with the crunch” the pizza brought to the table, while Natalie Boyrd ‘13 complained, “I usually eat a whole can of Pringles, but seven pizzas? It was too much.” Despite the mixed reactions, however, Macalester College saw a 150% increase in meal ticket sales by the end of lunch period and received six positive reviews on Yelp.

When asked if this recipe was the latest in a recent string of “puerile concoctions” (recall last week’s Pizza Lunchables pizza), the chefs replied, “actually, we just ran out of toppings and didn’t have time to get more, so we borrowed 78 cans of Pringles from Terry Gorman’s Monday morning stash.” However, even with the resulting controversy among the student body, our sources reveal this meal will stay on the menu. “We like to stir things up,” the chefs explained.

More Upcoming Specialty Pizzas:

o Grilled Cheese pizza – with Bell Peppers & Caramelized Onions (May. 1st)

o Bacon Burger pizza – with Fruit Roll-Up Strips & Arugula (May. 3rd)

o Gushers Stuffed-Crust pizza (May. 4th)

o Bertolli’s Tomato Sauce on an Oatnut, Marble Rye, Multi-grain Blend (May. 6th)

o Sour Cream and Onion Pringles® pizza (May 9th)

o Chocolate Gold Coins pizza – with Granola & Artichoke hearts (May 10th)

o Peanut Butter & Jelly Uncrustables pizza (May 12th)

*Remove foil before consumption


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