Students earns “Searching for Internship” internship

Last weekend, sophomore Stew Ondeck was awarded the “Searching for Internship” internship. The prestigious position is awarded every spring to a sophomore, junior or senior that has shown a significant ability to search for internships.

“We were looking for a certain individual,” says the Internship Representative from the organization company. “One with a unique combination of skills and experience. It turns out Stew was the perfect candidate.”

Stew, or Stewy as his pals call him, is a humanities major with a soft science minor. His devotion to finding an internship that never quite fits his long-term career goals is unprecedented. His roommate even told us, “Stew logs a lot of time on Career Connection. He even made a LinkedIn account. I’m glad he has earned a position that reflects his body of work.”

Friends and family say that Stew’s passion for searching for internships started early in his college career. Some described his search as “obsessive” or “getting in the way of barbecues.” On Saturday, his hard work finally paid off.

Stew’s intermediate level of Spanish, comfort using Microsoft Office, as well as his work as a camp counselor in high school were all significant parts of making his application look attractive and competitive.

“His interpersonal skills are excellent,” said a Human Resources representative from the company. “We just don’t get many applicants who are able to interact with other human beings. It’s really rare.” The representative also cited Stew’s three hours of volunteering at a local middle school as a key factor in identifying him as a truly excellent candidate.

“I was happy but quite frazzled,” says Stew about the moment when he was notified. “I knew when I applied though, that my unique combination of skills and experience were the right fit.”

Stew’s internship begins tomorrow and is unpaid. The internship will improve his communication and writing skills, as well as his ability to work independently. Ultimately, the internship will help him hone his skills to be used to search for internships later in life.


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