Yo Mama Particle Discovered

After years of research in particle physics, leading physicists have discovered the yo mama particle. It has been determined that yo mama so fat, it gives mass to everything in the universe.

We discussed with the scientists how they were able to get yo mama to move that fast, and the leading theoretical physicist had this to say: “Man, the only way we could get yo mama to come out of hiding was by saying there was a jelly donut.” Other scientists added in “Oh Damn!”

We, of course, had another question: How is yo mama able to give mass to everything in the universe?

“Man yo mama so fat she encompasses everything in the universe,” said top physicist, Jack Johnson. Other scientists added in “Ooooohhhh!” and “Daaaaaaaaaaamn!”

This was an exciting announcement coming right on the tail of the announcement of the yo mama black hole. We asked one of the top scientists in Black Hole theory what he imagined it would look like.

“Man, yo mama so ugly we can’t even manage to take a photo, cause yo mama so fat light can’t escape her mass,” said Black Hole theorist, John Jackson.

What else is there to be said about this scientific marvel? Not much, except that yo mama been with so many guys, every person on earth has had her.

Hanz Zharkoff, former NASA and CERN astrophysicist, is considered to be one of the leading minds in the field of particle theory. When asked about the yo mama particle and its implication for the future of the field, the genius theorist offered this: “Damn yo mama so far when she walk by the TV you miss three episodes.”

Others in the field believed this to be a totally sick burn, scientifically speaking.


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