POINT: Guillaume Bouvet, French Guy: I love to eat frog legs.

COUNTERPOINT: Joe, Local Frog: My legs!!!!!!!!

POINT: Sam Stewart, Mortgage Broker: I would never even think about propagating a system where home loans are given to people with little hope of paying them back and then sold off as bundled securities to foreign banks for my own personal monetary gain.

COUNTERPOINT: Sam Stewart, Mortgage Broker: Wow, that is a lot of money

POINT: Steven Joseph, Carpenter: “Oh honey this pregnancy has given me a whole new sense of purpose in life. We are going to make great parents. I love you so much.”

COUNTERPOINT: Steven Joseph, Carpenter: The deep-seated resentment I have towards my absentee father makes me extremely worried about my own ability to connect with my future child.

POINT: Charles F. Brademaker, CEO of Land O Lakes Inc: The reintroduction of recombinant bovine growth hormone in cafeteria milk has nothing to do with the surge in cow-like tendencies among the student body.

COUNTERPOINT: Sara South, Sophomore: Moo.


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