Social Security Administration Releases Top Baby Names Chosen by Other Babies

Minnesotan parents are scrambling for new ideas after reading the Social Security Administration’s list of the state’s most popular baby names in 2011. Since discovering that naming your kid “Olivia” or “Liam” only makes it confusing when yelling at them on the playground, more and more parents are turning to their first child (often named something lame, like Abigail) for a little creativity. In 2012, the SSA collected data on the most popular baby names chosen by other babies.

The organization reported that the top names were:

1. Booger

2. Mommy’s fat

3. Poopihead (alternate spelling: Popeyhad)

4. Carrot

5. I hate u

6. Usurper

7. Help

8. Hola Dora! Me llamo Jessica, cómo estás?

9. Buttface



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