Call it the new Kony – #Mulletz4Cali, a charity movement that promotes donating hair to the hairless, is popping up on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts the world over. The #cause’s popularity skyrocketed last week, when singer Miley Cyrus tweeted the following:

Like father like daughter! Bout to grow out that party in the back for my baldies in Cali! #Mulletz4Cali #Love #Bald #AchyBreakyHeart #BuyBangerzOniTunes

The #cause’s website, BusinessintheFrontCharityintheBack.tumblr.com, explains that a tainted water supply in California is causing uncontrollable hair loss. The site encourages the non-affected to grow out their hair in mullets and donate it when it reaches a foot in length. The site features several how-to tutorials on styling your mullet for work, holidays, and Motorhead concerts. Donors will either receive a picture from the balding recipient or, if the recipient is under the age of 55, a thoughtful Vine.


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