Third-Year College Student Hates Technology, but Begrudgingly Acknowledges the Necessity of Modern Medicine

After hours of contemplation, 20-year-old George Emerson concluded that he “values modern medicine.” Emerson, a Humanities major and self-proclaimed “luddite,” has repeatedly shown ideological resistance toward the ubiquity of technology in modern society. On Thursday, he recognized the importance of technological innovations in the field of medicine that have in the past (and will in the future) treat his friends and loved ones in life-or-death circumstances.

Last summer, Emerson eliminated his Facebook, took down his Tumblr on Baroque sculpture, and threw his iPhone into Lake Huron. Yet when asked to comment on a statement he made earlier in the year that, “as a society, we’re just too connected.” Emerson conceded. “I guess I’m glad that doctors can pull upon a nearly limitless pool of information to treat injury and disease.”

Emerson, claiming social media has, “eliminated all forms of intimate communication,” prefers hand written letters to e-mail and vinyl to MP3s. However, he seemed thankful that he received immediate notification via text message that his grandfather’s brain tumor was no longer visible on an MRI. “I don’t like it,” said Emerson of magnetic resonance imaging, “but I guess I see its value.”


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