Who am I?

Student sits down for an interview with Admissions Officer

Admissions Officer: Can you tell me about an experience that changed you?

Student: Yea, I really think my experience as a state qualifier, district champion, shaped the way I see myself.

Admissions Officer: Alright, that’s really interesting! How do you see yourself now—if I may ask?

Student: I’ve definitely improved. There were moments when I wanted to quit, but I’ve learned to just meet those obstacles head on with initiative so I don’t compromise on my potential. Never compromise.

Admissions Officer: What are some examples of you, as an accoladed student, meeting a challenge? How did you overcome it, and what did you learn from it?

Student: Well definitely in my bid for district champion. The competition was hefty, but I gathered myself and really dug deep. It was tough to muster the energy to even compete, but I just knew I could do it. I proved to myself I was the person who I knew I always was.

Admissions Officer: Wow! That seems like a pretty defining moment to me. So what kind of person do you think you are?

Student turns to Reader

Student: Who do you think you are?


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