The Truth of the Matter

1. Henley tees were made famous by Don Henley

2. John McCain has a tattoo of his face on his butt, and a tattoo of his butt on his face

3. The Rush song “YYZ” is about the zipper company

4. The words “opinion” and “onion” have the same root

5. President Ford was named after the car company

6. In the southern hemisphere, twist off caps twist the other way

7. My shoes have velcro straps

8. Compost was originally an acronym; so was Styrofoam

9. Bon Appétit food catering is not actually French

10. Door hinges weren’t invented by Thomas Edison

11. Chairs didn’t have backs until the 17th Century

12. Crayola is a Swedish word; it means vibrant

13. Ron Paul and RuPaul are cousins

14. Ron Paul and RuPaul have a reality tv show together

15. Guy Fieri is not from Italy, but from Israel

16. The world’s brussel sprouts supply will run out in 2030

17. The element Tungsten’s chemical symbol is W

18. Waterproof clothes are made without water


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