Advice for First-Years From Famous Alum

“Always offer to help people lift things. You never know the things they carried.”

– Tim O’Brien ‘68

“You’ll know talent when you see it. Unless you have no talent.”

– Ari Emanuel ‘82

“Update your Facebook status three times a day. It’s a great tool for networking.”

– Rebecca Van Dyck ‘91

“If you can’t afford the tuition, just transfer to the U. Worst case scenario, you’ll end up becoming vice president of the United States.”

– Walter Mondale ‘No Mac degree

“Drink blood, smoke crack, worship Satan, go Mac.”

– Reverend John Applesmith ‘58

“Always support the football team underneath those Friday night lights.”

– Peter Berg ‘68

“Play ping-pong for as long as you can. The real world sucks.”

– Kofi Annan ‘61

“Take classes in the Economics department.”

– Everyone


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