Macalester Quick Facts

• 96% of Macalester students are 100% full-time students.

• Macalester leaves represent over three hues of the color wheel.

• You’re probably not going to major in international studies.

• Olin and Rice have divorced and will separate before the year’s end.

• If you keep hanging out in the lounge, maybe one day she’ll stop by.

• The windmill is just a big fan creating that nice breeze on campus.

• Six fictional flags fly amongst the real ones in Café Mac. Can you find them?

• There is no objective truth.

• The biohazard room in the Leonard Center is actually a wormhole to another universe.

• Brian Rosenberg’s six pet cats are all named Miss Havisham.

• Macalester is named after James Macalester, known to most by his psuedonym “The Hamburglar.”

• Kofi Annan didn’t actually go here. We give him 15% of our yearly operating budget to say so.


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