Top 20 First Impressions

1.“You listen to Bright Eyes! I listen to Bright Eyes! We should hang out.”

2. “Dude, he definitely smokes weed. Wait, is it awkward if I ask him for some?”

3. “I met my future spouse today! We’re going to be together forever, or at least for the rest of the semester.”

4. “Oh you’re from Chicago? I think there are some other people here from Chicago too.”

5. “This OL is wack as fuck.”

6. “You’re a professor and go by your first name? You’re progressive and my favorite.”

7. “Dupre seems like more fun.”

8. “I threw up in Dupre.”

9. “He farts loudly in class.”

10. “Are you going to the party in the Dupes quad tonight?”

11. “Café Mac is AMAZING! And so many options too!”

12. “Have we met before? I don’t know, I forget. Well anyway, my name is Hannah. Nice to meet you!”

13. “I’ve met Hannah three fucking times already.”

14. “Dude, I can’t wait to explore the Twin Cities.”

15. “My RA is so cool! She put a bag of condoms on her door!”

16. “I’d shake your hand but I’m gluten-free.”

17. “You’re my best friend. I love you.”

18. “This lanyard is really handy. I think I’m going to wear it all the time.”

19. “Let’s get hammered and only speak in Spanish!”

20. “Macalester was my safety school.”


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