Groundbreaking Genetics Study Proves You Look Like Dad When He Was Your Age

According to a study published in the American Journal of Human Genetics this month, researchers have determined that amazingly, somehow, you closely resemble Dad when he was about how old you are now. The research team of Dr. Your Grandmother, after scouring photo albums and precisely analyzing your facial structure, have found that for some strange, perhaps unfathomable reason, you look a lot like the person who contributed half of your genetic code.

“We believe our findings could have fundamental impacts on the field of genetics. We did not expect to have such definitive results,” said the study’s co-author, Dr. Your Mother. “I mean, you look just like Dad! Who could’ve guessed?”

The study’s results were so astonishing that many leading geneticists initially refused to believe them. However, researchers everywhere have been able to corroborate Grandmother, et al.’s findings that, however hard to explain, there seems to be a link between the 23 chromosomes and 1.6 billion nucleotide base pairs you and Dad share and the way both of you look.

“Even we weren’t sure of our results at first, but there’s no denying you look just like him,” said research assistant Your-Uncle-Who-Also-Looks-Like-Dad.

The research team concluded their study with a prediction that, yes, somehow, your kid will probably look like you, too.


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