17 Signs that You’ve Totally Peaked

Here is how you know that you’ve totally peaked and that your life is going to do nothing but spiral downward into a black abyss:

1. Your piano tutorial video has 18,000 views on YouTube

2. You studied abroad but didn’t need the credits

3. Six hours of long hard hiking

4. You have a gift card to the Vitamin Shoppe

5. Let n = number of Mac Champs t-shirts you have. If n > 3

6. Too much friction

7. Finally got a Gatorade water bottle

8. Sixth grade spelling bee champion

9. You couldn’t wait for the surprise

10. You like Drake

11. Won the big game

12. Your erection has lasted 4 hours

13. Leadership position on MCSG

14. You took two tabs and you’re pretty sure it’s been at least two hours

15. You’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company

16. You roll “tobacco joints”


17. You’ll never do better than her


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