An Open Letter to Macalester

Dear Macalester College,

As I was coming home from an org meeting, I took the elevator up to my floor. A girl I had never seen before got in. I asked her what floor, and she responded, “two.” Two? Two!? She was taking the elevator just one floor up? Something must’ve been wrong. I mean I was taking the elevator too, but I was going to like, Dupre 4.

I’m embarrassed to say, but at the time I was so shocked that I didn’t intervene. Something was clearly wrong with this girl, yet I just let her walk away. I later saw this girl doing her laundry, and she didn’t even bother to separate her colors from her whites! She’s also been sighted asleep in her floor’s lounge, even though it is right by her room. I even heard a rumor that she might not wash her hands after going to the bathroom. That poor, poor girl.

Macalester, I screwed up and I need your help. This person needed me to reach out to her, and I failed to do so. Please keep your eyes open for this girl. She was wearing an unironed “Consent is Mac” shirt and a pair of dirty blue jeans. When you see her, she will probably be wearing the exact same thing, and that with the lack of any hope or drive in her eyes will help you recognize her.

If you come across her, please put her in contact with Health and Wellness, or just take the time to talk to her. Health and Wellness can be reached at: 6516966275.


A Concerned Student


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