New definitions from Urban Dictionary

Tractor Goth (n) – An aesthetic characterized by denim, straw hats, piercings, and Satanism. Popular among teens in the Plain States.

“Overalls and a dog collar? Is he on drugs?”

“Nah, he’s just a Tractor Goth.”

SnoBoardt (exclamation) – A phrase uttered when one sees someone so attractive they would do anything to be with them, even lie down naked in the snow and allow themselves to be waterboarded.

“Oh, there’s Steve! Dang, he’s beautiful. Sno-Boardt!”

Pretzel (adj) – Something that is fresh, hot, and a little salty.

“Damn, dawg, those shoes are pretzel!”

Aspercreme (n) – The number of asses you need to see before ejaculating

“Dude what’s your aspercreme, bro?”

“12, bruh!”


Staplegasm (n) – A dangerous new trend in which teens attempt to give each other orgasms by rubbing KY Jelly on staplers and getting to work.

“Darling, have you seen all the staples? And where’s Jimmy!?”

“Oh no! Our boy has fallen prey to staple-gasms!”


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