The Association Against Alliteration Appeal Process

The Association Against Alliteration And Acutely Absurd Aphorisms (AAAAAAA), a newly formed and chartered club, has recently submitted a proposal to MCSG to reform linguistic and rhetorical trends they’ve noticed at Macalester. “We, the Association Against Alliteration And Acutely Absurd Aphorisms, are here to appeal and abolish any adoption of acutely absurd alliterative and aphoristic approaches in advertisements and other articulations.”

“It is our belief that we should propagate and promote only the most purposefully practical possible phrasing. Their use does not fully fortify a faculty for phenomenal fortune, nor students sounding smart, sagacious, squat, sentient, sangria, sensible, sour, salient, or sage-like” said the AAAAAAA representative. “You know what they say: ducks don’t drive drunk!”

Although the AAAAAAA may offer a strong case, not all clubs are on board. Francoise Amirlaut of Chanter commented “On first reading, I thought their argument was certainly seductive and had verve. Upon a second reading, I realized that it was a tad overwrought, and to be honest, a little trite.”

MCSG determined that the AAAAAAA’s proposal was not suitable for their by-laws, but will include it in the next draft of the Strategic Plan.


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