Catastrophe Strikes President Brian Rosenberg

President Brian Rosenberg, Supreme Leader of Macalester College, recently underwent a radical new surgery: he switched his head for that of a cat’s. While the media was abuzz about the human body receiving a cat head, they neglected to pay attention to the cat body receiving a human head.

“It has been an interesting experience,” said President Rosenberg’s head, atop the cushion in his office, scratching a piece of corrugated cardboard. “My wife was interested in having a tiger in bed, but this was the most we could afford. I’m enjoying the change though; the catnip benefits from the college have been spectacular. And now, I have a use for the kitty litter KWOC left in my office. Now if you don’t mind, could you leave me be? I have a meeting with a laser pointer this afternoon that will keep me occupied for the rest of the day.”

Best of luck President Rosenberg. Right meow we hope this will catapult issues like this into the public eye without overcomplicating them. Educating people is important and copycat surgeries following suit may make this procedure the new cat’s meow.


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