Developing: TMW Finally Breaks Story

In an unforeseen turn of events, a writer on staff at The Mac Weekly recently broke a news story. The details of the story are hazy and most have yet to be released, but a Hegemonocle inside source reports that the story concerned the recent performance of one of the men’s sports teams that involves running.

The brave author of the piece, sophomore Jamie Gidoon, dove tape-recorder-first into the trenches this past week and was able to interview a small group of the team’s members while they were sitting around by that cafe in the Leonard Center. I hear you can use your meal swipes there for lunch, but I never think to go! Apparently they have a great salad.

In breakthrough reporting work, Gidoon demonstrates the true grit of a committed member Era. The piece has been featured on the media conglomerate MacSocial, and has over 3 alumni comments on TMW’s Facebook page.

With most of campus abuzz around Gidoon’s unexpected release, it came as a surprise that, at press time, Jim Hoppe had still not heard of the article.

“I absolutely read The Mac Weekly,” Hoppe said. “It is a staple of the Macalester community and I would never grab one just to hold with my coffee from the Grille, which I also love because they’ve really got some quality dark roast grounds there. I also love laser tag! Anyways, I must have missed that article when I definitely read The Mac Weekly this week. I’m thrilled to hear about how it’s going for those athletes, and am even more excited for what’s to come!” What a nice guy.

The Hegemonocle remains dedicated to keeping the public in the loop as the story unfolds. Follow @hegemonocle on Twitter for updates.


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