Macalester English Professor Writes a Book

Hey guys, you probably haven’t heard, but Marlon James wrote a book! Marlon James is a professor of creative writing who teaches Intro to Creative Writing, Crafts of Writing: Fiction, and several other courses at Macalester College. Macalester College is a private liberal arts college in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and creative writing is a subsection of the English major, which is one of many majors offered at Mac. (People in the know call Macalester “Mac.”) English majors are known for reading books, like the one that Marlon James wrote. A book is a series of pages with words on them bound together in order. If you don’t know what pages are, pages are white sheets made from tree pulp, which comes from floral organisms called trees. Trees are giant stocks of wood that grow out of the ground, and the ground is the dirt on the surface of the Earth. The Earth is a planet, and planets are rotating spheres inside systems of other rotating spheres called solar systems. Solar systems are systems of planets that make up the universe. The universe is everything that exists. Existence is a state of being, and being is… being is… what is being? Seriously guys, how do we even know we’re real, what if we were never alive? What are we doing here, we’re just molecules floating aimlessly around, what is our purpose, you have to help me!jfkdkjfdkdldlsf;jdlf ΔG = ΔH-T(ΔS-RlnQ) @#AVATAR WAS OVERRATED iF IT ISN’T BUTTER THEN WHAT IS IT — I STILL DON’T GET WHAT PoSTmODERNISM IS ظfpkfظpfkظpkvu FUCK DID I LEAVE THE OVEN ON?

James’ book is titled A Brief History of Seven Killings; look for it at a bookstore near you. A bookstore is a store that sells books.


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