Unsupportive Shoes

Is your confidence too high? Do you often find yourself smiling for no real reason? Have you ever just felt on top of the world? If you answered “yes” to any of the preceding questions, then Dr. Zizmor’s Unsupportive Shoes™ could be the shoes for you! These shoes will break you down by telling you the things you know, but never wanted to hear, while providing no support at all!

They say things like:

• “You’ll never accomplish anything.”

• “The rabbi at your bar mitzvah didn’t actually like you.”

• “Yeah, SURE you’ll run that marathon.”

• “Wear me without socks again and just see what happens.”

• “Your brother is the golden child.”

• “Thank god you stepped in dog shit, really covers up your natural smell.”

• “Nice, too lazy to even untie your shoes?”

• “Ooh, philosophy major, what do you expect to do with that?”

• “When you fall asleep tonight, I’m going to strangle you.”


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