Real Life Team Rocket? Could the bumbling criminals from the children’s cartoon be real?


pokemaynCould these two ragtag robbers be the real life Jesse and James of Team Rocket, the notorious Pokemon stealing crew from the hit show, Pokemon? 10 year-old Tammy Johnson sure thinks so.

“I woked up and saw two people in my room,” she told the Hegemonocle. “They took aaalllll my Pokemon cards, just like in the show!”

Among the cards were many first edition, original series cards, priced at several hundred U.S. dollars, which Tammy’s father had passed down to her. Notable among the missing cards was a Pikachu, which the iconic Jesse and James of the TV show were always chasing after!

In addition to the Pokemon cards, the two cartoon thieves also stole a large screen TV, several pieces of expensive jewelry, and two credit cards. “Prepare for trouble, and make it double” is right!

Tammy’s parents were not particularly pleased to have been visited by such famous hooligans. On top of the stolen Pokemon cards, this real-life Team Rocket alpart-2so defaced many of the household’s family photos. But the mischievous pranksters didn’t leave it at that; Tammy’s parents also found a pentagram painted in the family cat’s blood in the master bedroom. Meowth that’s right!

The goofy Pokemon characters bolted when the family came home. In the subsequent high-speed police chase, their car struck a tree and both were killed. Can you say, “Blasting off again?!”


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