Rejected articles from The Mac Weekly

First year’s retainer blog

-How does it feel being put on every night, but put away every morning?

Senior impressions

-Find one sympathetic to how busy all the first years are

Alumni impressions

-Hard-hitting interview: “What the fuck is Neill Hall?”

Cracks in foundation of LC

-What happens if you drop weights too hard?

Saltine review column

-How do they taste?

-What’s the best kind of packaging?

Senior spotlight on Senior Spotlight editor

-“Every week exactly at 10:23 I lay out this column I’m laying out right now”

Transcript of someone’s Skypecall with their high school SO

-As they dump them


-Ping pong matches


-Foosball in the Loch

-Students losing at Billiards to Middle schoolers

Wmcn dj profile

-12 drunk people on their friend’s show on Friday night.

-Interview their parents because they’re the only ones who listen

An interview with a dog

-Pretend it can talk (use this one)

First year running to class from,Dupre at 9:45 am

-And running back to pickup their pencil case

-Important: get the time from Dupre to OlRi


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