Upcoming Kagins

The Hegemonocle has been given exclusive access to the list of upcoming Kagin themes the Macalester Administration is hoping to host. Which  are you most excited about?

St. Thomas Kagin – St. Thomas school ID required

Post-Founders Day Kagin – Founder’s Day will now end at 8 o’clock, and will be held in the Dupre 1 lounge

Shish Kagin – Free food, but it’s just hummas

White Identity Collective Kagin – It will mainly just be people standing around listening to country music and Kanye West

Kidz Bop Kagin – No one will say they’re going, but it will be the most packed Kagin of the year

MCSG Kagin – The security guards vote between you and your friend. The winner gets to go in

ITS Kagin – David Sisk will stand outside and ask for your email password. If you give it to him, you’re thrown out

Global Warming Kagin – Party while you can

I feel like you could smoke weed in Kagin if it was really busy Kagin – Probably a terrible idea ,but there’s only one way to know for sure

2016 Celebrity Deaths Kagin – No shortage of costume ideas

Moldy Nalgene Kagin – Mandatory Nalgene inspection. If you can see inside, there’s a problem

Sensation White Kagin – Wait, this one sounds familiar…

Model UN Kagin – This year, the country is Djibouti. That isn’t a joke

Old School Runescape Kagin – Now you can get virtually rejected too

Regrets Kagin – It’s a normal Kagin, but only the part where the lights come back on and you realize where you are and what you are doing


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