All Star Senior Chooses Spotify.

Second semester senior Tammy McDaniels has announced that she has subscribed to Spotify Premium. McDaniels, Phi Beta Kappa, is an avid music fan and Computer Science major but until now had not declared her streaming allegiance. In a statement Friday Tammy said, “You know, I held out as long as I could; I have a record collection and sometimes I even pirated music.”

When asked how she kept her bangers trending, “like everyone my age I use YouTube a lot, but everyone picks a streaming service eventually.” McDaniels didn’t make her choice blind though. “I got a taste for different types by using other peoples, my sister has Apple music and when Pablo dropped I got I trial of Tidal.”

Tammy plans on returning to live in San Francisco so she can stay near her parents. “I want to keep using their boat honestly. But the city is getting expensive and they’re not going to keep paying my rent forever.” That’s why Tammy, a straight-A student publishing a paper with a professor soon, is lucky to have landed a big post-grad job offer. “When they showed me my first year salary, that’s when I knew I was going Spotify Premium–I was on my phone as soon as I got out of the meeting.”

As we were ending the interview Tammy let me in on the secret to how the Swedish streaming service had seduced her subscription. “At the end of the day music is about the artists and so I did it for the artists really. I just thought “Spotify has the most artists. When I’m on the boat after work this summer, I’m not gonna want to not have all the artists.” And that sealed it.


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