“Hey, you can’t smoke here!” exclaimed a Macalester student while on her way to her night class, after coming across an assumed fellow student smoking while cozily propped up against the dimly lit outside wall of the Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center. “This is a smoking free campus–read the fucking big ass pavement stickers that are literally everywhere,” the student chided. “Alright, alright, it’s chill. Don’t hate. I’m just trying to enjoy myself after a long day,” responded the smoker before taking one last spiteful drag and flicking his half-burnt Blue American Spirit loosey to the ground. “Shit dude, you’d understand if you smoked,” mumbled the smoker while mashing the ashy remnants of the cigarette with the toe of his shoe. “Say another word and I’ll report you to security,” the student said while walking away. I’ll admit it, smoking is bad. However, to some, smoking is not merely an impulse but a necessity. My name is Brian Rosenberg. That smoker was me. My story is only one of many. Join the campaign to stop the bullying of smokers. #SmokersArePeople


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