When this dog’s owner had a heart attack, she ran for miles to find a doctor, leading him back in time for him to save her owner’s life, but a phone call probably would have been faster.

Look, I know what you’re looking for here. You’re looking for a feel-good story, that you can read, and smile about, and say “Awwww we don’t deserve dogs!” to. But did you ever really stop and think about what you’re doing? This lady had a literal fucking heart attack and you’re cooing over how smart ol’ Daisy is? Too smart to operate a phone, apparently. And what’s more, the dog ran for miles, but her owner lives literally two blocks from a hospital. Daisy ran right past the hospital, chasing after Godknows-what. Took her a near half hour to find someone. But nooooo, none of that matters to you. Did you ever bother to think about what happened after the story? Betsy, that sweet old woman whose dog saved her? Yeah, she didn’t have health insurance. She gets put in a hospital for a week, not a god damned one of her worthless grandchildren show up to visit her, and she gets a bill for a solid $300,000. She can’t pay that shit. Well, much like you, the bank didn’t care too much for Betsy, because they foreclosed on her house. Forced her to declare bankruptcy. I’m not even going to go into the specifics of what happened next. You wouldn’t want to hear it. But let’s just say that Daisy wasn’t able to stop Betsy from dying six weeks later. And you remember those good for nothing relatives that didn’t visit her in the hospital? Well they sure as fuck didn’t take in Daisy. And you know what happens to dogs that no one takes in? Yeah. You do. So maybe next time you read one of those articles you’ll think about something more than just “Ohh doggo!” Be a responsible reader for once in your god damned life.


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