Hege Safari Files: Fun Facts About White Tailed Deer

• Their special stomachs allow them to eat certain things that humans can’t, such as poison ivy and mushrooms. This is why deers are always tripping balls. They love it.

• They make a great percussion sound when they jump in front of your car on a poorly lit highway in the middle of rural Wisconsin.

• Natural predators of deer tend to hunt by ambush or extended chase. While giving chase, bobcats are known to shout that the deer has dropped its wallet, striking when the deer looks back momentarily just in case he really did.

• White-tailed deer mating consists of an ejaculatory thrust which takes place during a brief copulatory jump. This is why deer are known as the one-pump chump of the forest.

• Mature bucks also emit a grunt-snort-wheeze pattern, unique to each animal, that asserts its dominance, much like white guys in bars.

• Texas is home to the most white-tailed deer of any U.S. state or Canadian province, with an estimated population of over four million. They all voted for Gary Johnson.

• The white-tailed deer raises its tail when it is alarmed to warn the predator that it has been detected. This is deer- speak for “not today fucker, look at my asshole instead”.

• Some deer markings are so strong they can be perceived by the human nose. It smells like stale bong water.


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